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TOTW 1 dozen


AMERICAN   76%   our two ingredient bar: just cocoa beans & organic whole cane sugar; an intense bar that is expressive of the origin

SILK             78%    a very smooth four ingredient bar: cocoa beans, organic whole cane sugar, a touch of organic cocoa butter & judiciously added organic vanilla; a mild couverture

BITTER         86%    our three ingredient bar: cocoa beans, organic whole cane sugar, & a kiss of organic cocoa butter; this high percentage bar melts in your mouth while enjoying a slightly sweet experience of fine flavour cacao

NIBS               87%     roasted cocoa nibs are mixed into the BITTER mass during tempering for this bar, delivering a delightful textural juxtaposition that redefines the flavor as well

NOIR             100%     roasted cocoa nibs

TOTW 1 dozen


TOTW 1 dozen


a dozen truffles

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